Thread: Rumor: The return of Bob Gainey?
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08-10-2010, 05:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Capitaine Gionta View Post
It always amazes me how much disrespect Bob Gainey gets even after all the pride, heart, courage he showed while wearing the jersey or managing the Habs. Such a great man deserves way much more respect.
Indeed, I wasn't his biggest fan as a GM, but I did have respect for him. Much like I have respect for Tremblay and wish him well with RDS.

Originally Posted by skar67 View Post
Yeah he wasnt very good ..

He only did bring the best team the habs seen since 1993 ..

Seriously, I'm laughing so hard at the haters. Guess all the haters thinks Kovalev was a god in this team, funny that we didnt do **** with him on the lineup.
Mmmm, weird post. On one hand Gainey built the best team since 93, on the other hand he brought in Kovalev and we didn't do **** with him in the lineup. Contradiction much?

Originally Posted by Riverside Habs Fan View Post
Just remember where the Habs were before he came back....
They were well on their way to get better. Savard did a great job breathing some life into the franchise in the limited amount of time he had. Gainey only had to keep steering the boat.

Originally Posted by JackZap View Post
well to be fair,we did it with the goalie that Gainey wanted to ship out of town. I didnt like him as a GM, not the worst but average.
Didn't you know that Halak was just another player on the 23 man roster. It was a team effort, which means that Halak's performances are somehow irrelevant.

Originally Posted by saints96 View Post
if his name was Bob Gainer.. alot of these hateful posters would have a different perception of him. There i know alot of you were afraid to say it, ill say it. The french population cant stand him! Yes he's anglophone, but he was a damn good GM. He took the habs who were a laughing stock before his regime and he put them on the map.He missed what, one playoff? Thats pretty damn good. Not to mention he revamped the team, 11 new players, and still ended up making it to the ECF....ya. he's a ****** GM Some of you posters make me sick, your never satisfied. I know misery loves company, but the rational fans will never succumb to your despair.
Originally Posted by saints96 View Post
stop posting. go join the PQ party or something.
Holy crap. I just don't know what to say. Persecuted much?

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