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08-10-2010, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
yeah well i said good hands not great. he doesnt have great anything.

hes kind of a d1ck but sean does have skills. when hes playing well, hes very effective at creating chaos and when hes skating, hes an offensive threat.

i have always been an avery guy. i happen to like oddballs and characters- as long as they have talent. i do not like guys like capt quaalude for the same reason. i prefer hockey players who play all out and show some spunk- even if they have flaws. avery had a down year last year but again, i blame most of that on torts the clown.

i expect sean avery to have a very good bounce back year this year as long as he isnt singled out by the refs and he gets regular minutes on one of the top 3 lines.
I agree with all of that.

I find it hard looking at the log jam though how he fits on the top three lines. Unless we're assuming MZA isn't on the team, which I'm not going to do cause I think they brought him here to play. Or if you're assuming someone like Christensen or Prospal isn't making the team.

I just don't see any way he's on the top 3 lines.

I do believe he'll be the guy who flops around a lot and plays with other lines and gets things going.

But I do also think that Torts will bury him as soon as he takes a goalie interference call for being 3 feet outside the crease and shoved by multiple defenseman as the goaltender comes five feet out of his net.

Then Torts will rant in the post game about how he needs to be more disciplined, all the while clamoring for Sean to play his game.

Yawn. And so it goes on..

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