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08-10-2010, 10:38 AM
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I've played seasons in both situations, and had much more fun playing at a moderately higher skill level than below it. My reasoning for it:

(a) It's a challenge; it drives me to become better, and my more experienced teammates (and sometimes opponents) have tips for me to help improve.

(b) They play smart, play their position, and typically do the right thing. As such, you learn to play smart as well.

(c) When I do win and/or do well against opponents tiered higher than me, it's a much stronger feeling of accomplishment.

(d) I'd rather play in a fast-paced, high-level game than a boring, slow game.

(e) Kind of greedy, but as a goalie, I'd rather the average skill level of our opponents be higher than our team's skill level. I love being pelted with dozens upon dozens of shots, even if it means we lose. I hate games where our team dominates and I only face a handful of shots.

And finally, in my experiences, higher-tiered players tend to be more relaxed and calm. Lower-tiered players tend to take things too seriously, lose their temper, and throw tantrums. There's certainly examples where a high-tiered player lost control, or a low-tiered player just walked away from a situation... but this is my observation in general.

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