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Originally Posted by Hockey Outsider View Post
I'd argue that Modano was better than Selanne between 1993 (Selanne's rookie season) and 2004 (last season before the lockout).

Selanne outscored Modano by an average of just 5.1 points per year during that period (link). They played roughly the same number of games (actually Selanne played in slightly more but the difference is minor). In fairness to Selanne, he usually played on weaker teams than the Stars. In fairness to Modano, he played in one of the most stifling defensive systems in the league which clearly reduced his personal stats for the greater good of the team. Offensively, Selanne gets the edge but it's quite a bit smaller than I would have expected.
You include Selanne's injury years 2001-2004, but leave out post lockout?


Selanne per 82 games: 49 goals 54 assists
Modano per 82 games: 38 goals 51 assists

Selanne did have a minor knee surgery allready in 2001 and had lost a step due to his bad knees. (leaving out the 00-01 would bring Selanne's numbers to 50g 56a and Modano's would stay same.)

2001-2004 (Selanne with bad knees)

Modano per 82gp 27 goals 46 assists
Selanne per 82gp 25 goals 26 assists

2005-present (Modano gets old)

Selanne per 82gp 41 goals 41 assists
Modano per 82gp 23 goals 35 assists

If you still insist they were close in production here are their best seasons in adjusted stats. (adjusted since both have had long careers which span on different eras):


1.Selanne 131
2.Selanne 122
3.Selanne 116
4.Selanne 113
5.Selanne 106
6.Selanne 103
7.Modano 102
8.Selanne 99
8.Modano 99
10.Modano 97


1.Selanne 67
2.Selanne 64
3.Selanne 58
4.Selanne 57
5.Selanne 54
6. Modano 49
7. Modano 45
8. Selanne 43
8. Selanne 43
10. Selanne 42
10. Modano 42
10. Modano 42

Modano 16 seasons with over 70 games played
Selanne 12 seasons with over 70 games played (3 of them with bad knees)

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