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10-02-2003, 04:47 PM
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Okay, my opinion.

Semin? 1st period, absolutely horrible, he must be a slow starter. 2nd+3rd, definitely flashes of brillance. His vision was amazing for a young forward and his anticipation was awesome. Overmatched physically? Yes, at times. I think he lacks a little confidence. Once he gets some experience, he will feel right at home. Remember, he speaks no english and he is not use to his linemates. Will be worthy of the 1st wing position by all-star break.

txpd, good observations. I thought Yonkers and Fortin were the two best D-men on the ice. Fortin sprung Kono on the partial breakaway, I was shocked with his play compaired to last year. Yonkers controled the front of the net! Awesome on the boards too, banging everyone. Kiwi and Gruden? Awful, yeah, Gruden hit a few times, but they both looked lost, a lot. I was disappointed after seeing Gruden at a practice and thought he might turn out to be a good pickup.

Doig and Boumedienne, there average play from last season.

Anyway, just another opinion.