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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
I think there's too much statistical navel-gazing going on here. While Selanne was certainly considered one of the game's best forwards, he wasn't regarded quite as highly as the stats would have you believe. Reckoning's THN rankings, while hardly the gospel, serve to reinforce this point.
I do tend to agree with ushvinder for once (let's face it we butt heads a lot here ushvinder ). But in the late 1990s for the truth is after Jagr the idea was that either one of Kariya, Selanne, Forsberg or Lindros (when healthy) were the next best. The truth is Modano's name did NOT ever come up at that level. If you had to twist my arm then yeah I pick Modano over Sundin but that might give you a better idea of what level he was considered to be closer to. Sakic had a few down years by his standards at that time but a healthy Sakic would have beaten out Modano as well. I'm looking beyond stats too. Another thing you have to remember is how Selanne's play didn't suffer when Kariya held out/was injured in 1998. His encore was leading the NHL in goals and being a Hart finalist. Not bad. This was around the time even I had to start questioning who was the better talent between the two Ducks.

A lot of these complaints seem to be aesthetic. Modano was really good at picking his spots, as in knowing when to shoot and when to pass. I don't think shooting more would have really been beneficial overall. Modano was tall, not really what I'd consider a "big" player though in the sense that it's usually referred to. Being sound positionally was probably more effective than being a bruiser in his case. And I must say, you're the first person I've heard claim he should have skated more. The Stars' system was not free-flowing and conducive to rink-long rushes in any case.
He was 6'3" 215 lbs. Not small by any means. When I say he should have skated more I was talking about in the context of a game. Yes the Stars did not have a free flowing game. But when Modano gained a step he was gone. I always got the feeling that he should have done that far more frequently. Another poster also mentioned that from 1990-'96 the Stars did not have a defensive system and Modano never hit more than 93 points then either nor did he reach the elite level of the top scorers

So I guess we can agree to disgree. While I consider Modano the better of the two, it's by no means a landslide, they are a close comparison. (Or at least I thought so, though the poll is surprisingly one-sided.)
Well it is extremely hard for me to say with a straight face that Selanne's career has been worse than Modano's.

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