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08-10-2010, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
I finally got a bit busy and found the damn thing...

The minimum salary was set for every year in the CBA, from the start. It isn't linked in anyway with the increasing revenues. The max player cap hit is, as it is based on 20% of the team's cap limit, which in turn is based on 57% of total revenues.

Also, I never implied that a player could sign for 300k and 800k on an averaged salary contract of two years. What I was saying is that the 500k in 15 years will be his true salary, but the minimum is CBA based, not cap specific in Kovy's case, and in 15 years probably won't matter except for player compensation.
Interestingly enough, btw, the arbitrator seems to agree with me that the current league minimum being below the expected minimum in the future was a sticking point:


"Legal Analysis of Kovalchuk Decision
8:12pm - I have a copy of the Kovalchuk decision in hand. The arbitrator found in favour of the NHL. This decision marks a seminal moment under the current CBA and is groundbreaking."

"- The dramatic drop in pay after 11 years ($3.5 million over last 6 years), which amounts to 3% of the value of the contract. As well, this compensation will be well below league minimum."
Your main point about not likely honouring the final years is also in there, of course:

"- Empirically, it is unlikely that Kovalchuk will play to the end of his contract, when he will be 44 years old. The parties could not have reasonably expected that Kovalchuk would play out his contract."

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