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08-10-2010, 04:52 PM
Get well soon Kimmo
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You're a Phantom. For the past year, you've had three-time Stanley Cup winner Greg Gilbert piping in your ear. You maybe listened once in a while because, well, he won the Cup thrice. You maybe listened because, well, he's the head coach. You maybe listened because, well, your ice time could disappear. You maybe even listened because Gilbert is the only man in the history of mankind to win a Cup with both New York City teams (Isles in '82,'82 and Rags in '94).

But you didn't listen all the time... and you certainly didn't take him very seriously.

No longer, youngblood. There's a new sheriff in town who's not afraid to drop bombs... not f-bombs... ear-bombs. The type of bombs that will make you bleed and cry for momma. Fist-bombs (oh wait, that could be an f-bomb too... crap!)

Sheriff Rile E. Coyote, er Cote, is in town and he's going to be the meanest, toughest, gnarliest SOB you've ever seen. There's no more taking shifts off... no more long shifts... no more candy-butt skating.

He may not be able to catch you, but if he does, it's over for you.

At first, I was like, "Cote's retiring and going to coach. Great. Where's my cheesy poofs?" But, as I thought about it, it turned to "Where Sam-Hill was Cote when the likes of Brendl and Ruzicka were around?!?!"

So, nice career move Riles. Go work those Phantom slackers over and get them big-game ready. It's not too late for Maroon, or Nodl, or Kalinski, or Kolanos... well, maybe it is too late for Kolanos... but you get my drift.

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