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10-02-2003, 04:54 PM
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I don't know guys - I don't buy this whole 'mis-managed assets' by exposing Boosh in the waiver draft. How long does management hold on to him, just because they OVER-paid when they got him?! The high price they paid for him, when they aquired him, doesn't make him any better on the ice.

To me, the mis-management was getting him for Zus and Esche. Not protecting him now is a great management of assets: Let someone else pay his ridiculously inflated salary. He does not fit into the Allaire style of play. IMO, Bierk can do the same for a lot less, until LeNeveue is ready...

I don't dislike Simpson. I feel he is paid slightly too much for what he does, but I get the feeling, that some of you make him out to be Derian Hatcher's twin brother. That, he is not! (mind you, both take their fair share of bad penalties over the season...)

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