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08-10-2010, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by piqued1457 View Post
I think you're trying too hard to force disparate elements together. There's really nothing traditional or noteworthy about the original Star-shape logo. It was used for a couple of years and then replaced by a superior version. Jamming together 2 different kinds of fonts (the rounded ST/\RS text and the sharp angles of the DALLAS text) into one mark is bad design.

And trying to make a "D" version of the North Stars' mark has been attempted many times by many people and never comes out right. The letter just wasn't meant to work that way. It will always pale in comparison to that which it emulates.
I'll admit the first one (Stars.pdf) was a little busy, but last years DALLAS like in Starnsy's 2nd design over the traditional STARS logo would not be completely diseperate. I don't get how the original Stars logo is not traditional, it defines the transition from North Stars to Stars in Minnesota which on 6/9/93 carried over to Dallas. Then they got creative and put the word Dallas over it. Difference of opinion, but I think the logo defines the team. Anyway, what would be wrong with changing the small clean Dallas font to the third jersey DALLAS. Minor adjustments to font or logo sizing would make it look slightly respectable IMO.

No offense, to the D-Star one, because it's clean and imaginitive, but I think the N Star was a bit more natural in appearance.

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