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08-10-2010, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by jepjepjoo View Post
You include Selanne's injury years 2001-2004, but leave out post lockout?
What? I specifically stated that I gave Selanne the edge due his post-lockout resurgence.

Originally Posted by jepjepjoo View Post
Selanne did have a minor knee surgery allready in 2001 and had lost a step due to his bad knees.
That was one of my points - it's sad that Selanne missed time due to injuries, and was also less effective when he played. However, injuries are part of the game.

"Per 82 game" stats have little value since you don't win hockey games by pro-rating injured players' stats - only the results on the ice matter. My point was that Modano, due to his health and consistency, was likely ahead of Selanne between 1993 and 2004.

Originally Posted by jepjepjoo View Post
If you still insist they were close in production here are their best seasons in adjusted stats.
I said they were close as hockey players at their peak. Obviously you need to look at offense (where Selanne has the edge), but you need to consider other factors (including defensive play playoff performances, where Modano has the edge).

How many regular season points from Selanne would be enough to offset Modano's better defense and strong playoff performances? (Serious question).

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