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08-10-2010, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Grave77digger View Post
I live in Pittsburgh and MAY be signing my kid up for the amateur penguins mite team. All of the house leagues in my area are full or have already had try outs so im stuck with the more expensive travel team. Any idea what kind of costs are involved?
Enjoy this coming season in travel! Mites will not be able to travel the next season. USA Hockey has changed the rules this year about Mite travel. But this change goes into effect next season. So expect some of those travel kids in the house league next year.

As a program director, I find it hard to believe that they don't have room for your son. All directors go lite on teams for this very reason...late arrivals. I would recommend that you talk with the hockey director to see if this is the case. Some parents might tell you one thing or another to get your kid on a team so they will have enough kids to go travel.

Ask the hockey director to see if they can put another kid up instead of your son if you feel that your son is weak on his skating. Director's don't want to place kids that are a little weak on travel because of several reason.

Why is there travel? Travel teams are the opportunity to showcase your program as a director. So, the team is only as good as your weakest link and when the team travels, most parents on the team will expect all of the kids to be at the same or better caliber. If not, as a program director, I will hear from parents that ticked off for having a kid on the team that is weakening the teams' strength.

Yes I know that this sounds kind of crazy, but it's true...I see it every year. It's kind of funny that hockey is getting so political at the Mite level. But this is one of the reasons why USA Hockey is making a change. Now, it going to be a challenge for the director to have his act together to make sure that all of the teams within the house league at that level as all of equal strength. If not, and one team has more talent them the other teams, as a director, he might have more problems.

Ah...the life of program building!

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