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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
Red Wing fan coming in peace.

I gotta say I don't always love the way Dorsett plays against the wings but he is a guy I would love to have on the wings. Nash I like as a Canadian and the Olympics.

I'm surprised a lot of you guys don't like Boll, I think he is one of the better fighters in the league. He may not win all his fights but he is still young and those wins will come with experience. But he is a much better skater then your average enforcer and throws some decent hits from what I've seen.

Do you guys know if he would be on the trading block because Holland said he would possibly trade for a fighter if one couldn't be found in free agency. We've got Meech, Miller and Ritola on the trade block as well.
Yes, all fine and dandy, Boll is a better skater than most 'enforcer' types.... problem is Boll has become a 'fragile' enforcer type it seems the last 2 years.... he loses fights, gets injured, and when he is healthy, he's more than often just a body on the ice... can you honestly think of any enforcer that is 'afraid' of Boll???

I've met the guy, he seems like a nice enough guy off the ice, but....... when you're supposed to be the enforcer and you get laughed at??? Idk, his skill set just seems redundant on the CBJ and I for one wouldn't be sad to see him traded for any one of those 3 (and I say that knowing very little about any of the 3 of them).

I think Stinger would even stand a chance toe to toe with him.............

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