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08-11-2010, 12:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Seanconn View Post
im a pretty small guy, only 5"8 145 pounds soaking wet. I have especially muscly legs from years and years of skating hockey and bike riding, but my upper body is pretty slender.

If I was getting hit all the time in a non contact league, especially if some of these hits could be technically an interference call in full contact-hockey, I'd start to get REALLY pissed. not what you signed up for, right?

most of the time, I can keep the puck close or get a pass away before running into the defender, but rarely do i have to worry about any sort of unreasonable contact for a non contact league... but playing Adult Safe you really ever don't need to worry about getting rocked... and refs are usually good at keeping the non-contact part of the league enforced.. sure hockey's more involved then being able to play the whole game with your head down... but there should ZERO tolerance for possible injuries when you are playing in mildly competitive leagues. if one team is full of guys stick handling with their head down there's tons of ways to deal with that other than physical contact.

if I was playing in this roller hockey league, and im getting constantly hit by the other team throughout a game, when i shouldn't be hit since it's a non contact league, I would firstly skate faster, and have literally zero regard for the defensive players. fly right into em and use your body, get them right out of your way if they are going to be hitting in a non contact league.. you see a guy lining you up... dump and chase... pass the puck off, and if you think you can counteract an upcoming hit either be evading it, or hitting the guy on his own ass.. not the most mature way to handle it, and a bit hypocritical, but if the other team is getting out of hand with the contact, you can always try and put them in their place, if your own team doesn't have players who can just turn it up a notch, and evade their efforts to bring you down to their goonish tactics.

I'm not the biggest hitter by any means, but I can become a bit of a projectile missile if I really want to, unless the other guy is a bit of a wall. but most of the time, I'll make the pass, or try and deke around em'

but like I said.. with ASHL ice hockey, there is very little tolerance for contact-- I have no interest in playing contact hockey... i play hockey to skate my ass off, create good offense through good passing and getting in front of the play. not be worried about keeping my head up the whole game... goons had their time to shine from pee-wee to junior-- I just want to score some goals and have fun.

if your playing roller hockey, with not even full equipment... maybe look for a different league if people are still taking the physicality too far.

OP said it's mostly incidental stuff due to most players being beginners. I don't know about where you play, but they don't call penalties on incidental run ins in my league, which is also a no hitting league. It sounds like you take it kind of personally (if you don't and I misunderstood, my bad), but I guarantee that most of the time the other guy was just trying to play their heart out like you do. Unless you're playing a bunch of jerks, most guys will give you some kind of apology or make sure you're alright before skating away with they play. That's good enough for me at least.

It's hockey, people are gonna bump into eachother, especially when fighting hard for a puck. I've put guys down hard because they tried to deke me out, I mirrored their movements and had a good chance at the puck and went for it. They run into me and fall on their ass pretty hard cause of it. I'll say sorry and ask if they're alright and 90% of the time they say "no big deal" or "it's hockey" and we keep playing just as hard. Had it go the other way where I get knocked down hard on a good clean play and after play has stopped I'll give the guy a pat on the back for a nice play.

Occasionally someone gets all pissed off, but either they a) don't realize incidental contact is going to happen no matter what or b) are just frustrated with their own play and take it out on the guy that accidentally knocked them on their ass. My league is pretty competitive so most of the time it's the latter.

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