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08-11-2010, 01:16 AM
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Transitioning from inline to ice: equipment ideas?

I've been playing in a local roller league for a couple seasons now, and we crashed out of the playoffs last Sunday. We play on one of the crappier tiers so none of us are anything special.

A couple of guys on the team invited me for ice, and I'm eager to join them this September.

A bit about myself: I am a 5'9", 170lbs RHS forward who plays on the off-wing in roller. I'm a damn good face-off man, I'm a PPG player (which is nothing to sneeze at in a high scoring game like roller) and I do all the little things to help the team (shot blocking, physical defensive play, etc.). I would compare myself to a Ryan Johnson, except I don't get injured

Since the season will start in a matter of weeks, I would like to order equipment online in the next few days (most likely from hockeymonkey, I bought my roller stuff from them a few years back and it was a good experience). Some of the stuff I already have, but I do need a whole bunch of other stuff, and I have no idea what to get.

Caveat: I will be looking in the clearance section for the majority to save on some money; cheap and serviceable is my MO here.

The essentials (I must buy these to play in the ice league)

Shoulder pads:

RBK 3K Sr.
CCM V04 Sr.

Both are 29.99, but both are available in Small only. Do you think I can get away with Small? Or are these trash and I should pay a bit more for better models? Or can I even go for Jr. Large?

Hockey pants:

CCI V06 Sr.

49.99, Medium should fit me just fine. How are these?

Hockey socks:

Absolutely no idea... recommendations?

The upgrades (I would like to upgrade some/all of these from my current roller gear)


Been using a cheapo CCM for the past few years, quite uncomfortable foaming and poor ventilation. May be willing to spend a bit for a good item with a shield (don't really like cage). SO many choices out there!

Shin guards:

Could use a simple upgrade.

Elbow pads:

See above.


The left glove has a hole in it I'm wearing 13" but I think I can use 12" without any problems (thus go for Jr.'s?).


Currently using a RBK 6K (87 flex, though I prefer a lesser flex) and liking it. Wouldn't mind putting another 60+ bucks towards another new stick.

Thanks for helping out this newbie. I don't want to spend too much, as hockey is simply a fun game/exercise for me.

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