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08-11-2010, 02:39 AM
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In my C level roller league tonight we played against a team that had some A level guys playing with their C level friends. I'm a B leaguer so I'm pretty solid in the league, but the rest of my team is strictly C or lower, bar 2 other skaters and our goalie. We were tied 4-4 with about 12 minutes left, I chipped the puck off the right boards near the blue line and into their zone to get buy their rushing winger, retrieved the puck, and then got crosschecked in the back of the head out of frustration by the winger, who of course plays A level. I hit my head on the floor pretty hard and I decided to sit the rest of the game because they started pulling away.

Stuff like that pisses me off. Our best player wasn't there, so it was about 4 A leaguers and 5 C leaguers with a (bad) A level goalie vs our team, an A and B skater with a B goalie, and 7 other C skaters. They started getting mad and I paid the price while all he got was 2 minutes in the box. The fact that the game ended with us losing 10-4 due to them walking around our C guys was the icing on the cake.

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