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08-11-2010, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
To me, that's totally the case. When the puck dropped, he was a good player for us. Maybe there were a few isolated cases where he tried something too fancy, or he took some undisciplined/selfish penalties, and the coaches really come down hard on that stuff, but the thing is, his talent always showed. And he does play hard. Doesn't always know the right thing to do, so the efficiency isn't always there, but the desire is. And he was pretty effective as a penalty-killer too in the limited opportunity he had.

It still all comes back to wondering how this is going to pan out on Trotz's team, though. We question whether Sergei has the humility/coachability to react to Trotz's methods in a way that Trotz will be satisfied with. If SK takes any of his undisciplined runs at a guy, or tries a cute pass that leads to a turnover, and he ends up on the bench, or sits out the next game, then how does he react? Sergei's problem might be that he *knows* he's a good player, and he *knows* he does a lot of good things on the ice. But maybe he doesn't (yet?) have the perspective on what else it takes to be a regular in the NHL. Hard to know if he'll get it or not. That's the main risk to me.

Just a maturity/humility issue. Talent is there. The off-ice stuff I believe was purely a media byproduct - they wanted a big front page splash because they thought they uncovered something huge and salacious, but when it turned out to be nothing and the team and the police just laughed at it all, they tried to at least wring as much drama out of it as they could, and the Kostitsyns were the unfortunate scapegoats of that. Nobody needs to worry about anything on that side of it.

The Trotz relationship is going to be an interesting one, though.
Just to be clear, Trotz is not of the Hitchcock/Laviolette/Tortorella mold. They are all very regimented coaches with strong philosophies and systems. But the difference is that Trotz treats his players as he would his family and makes sure that they know he cares about them as people first and players second. He doesn't treat players like assets and will nurture when needed and when he raises his voice, it's generally behind closed doors where the player is informed of exactly what is expected and offered whatever assistance is needed to get the job done.

It will really all come down to the maturity level of Kostitsyn. If he is willing to work with Trotz, I think he'll have a long NHL career because adding detail to a players game and refining the talent that is there is what he does best...

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