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08-11-2010, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Yuck View Post
I'm not a fan of the luxury tax, but I do believe some rules could be added to alleviate some of the issues today. Two come to mind right away...

1) The ability to buyout players without cap hits. The cost of the buy-out should be penalty enough. If a player doesn't perform, your GM is an idiot, or if they just don't fit any longer they should be able to be bought out. I'm sure players (and the teams) rather be bought out and sign with another team then be locked down in the minors for the remainder of their contract -- The way its currently structured just seems unnecessary painful to all parties involved.

2) To help teams stay together, and encourage good drafting, signing players drafted by that team (and their rights were never owned by another team) incur only 80% cap hit. This should help make it easier for teams to keep the players they drafted. Even though I'm a Ranger fan, watching the Blackhawks get butchered was painful...

The NHL should have modeled themselves after the NFL. Instead they had to be unique and in doing so created an awful situation.

For the record I am against the luxury tax since it basically alleviates the cap. Just look at baseball, there is actually a cap and a luxury you think the yankees care?

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