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08-11-2010, 11:28 AM
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As someone already posted. Work on keeping your head up. You won't be able to dodge a check or accidental collision if you never see it coming.

As far as pads go, I wouldn't worry about it. Work on keeping your head up and your ability to get out of the way. Buying more padding isn't going to address the issue. I would also work on your core muscles (abs, lower back and quads). This will significantly help your balance when taking or delivering a check. Lastly, if you see the collision coming and can't get out of the way. Lower your center of gravity (bend your knees) and as the collision occurs spring upwards, like your quickly coming out of squat position and go towards the collision. This will shift your momentum into the oncoming player and he'll take the most of the impact. Now he may get pissed cause technically you just checked him. But that's hockey, roller or not.

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