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08-11-2010, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by jepjepjoo View Post
Not taking anything away from Kariya, but he did score 21 goals of his 50 goals in the last 28 games of the season which he played with Selanne and "only" 29 goals in the first 54 games.
Fair enough, and I see what you're saying.

Originally Posted by jepjepjoo View Post
Selanne first 200 games 1.31 ppg
Kariya first 200 games 1.25 ppg
So... compares very favourably.

I should note that "200" was just an estimate of how many games Kariya had played up until the Big Bang. Whatever the actual # is, that's what I meant to use (edit: just broke out the calculator... it's 220 games -> 1.26 PPG). Selanne's career to that exact same point (Feb. 1st/98), for argument's sake, was 391 games, 1.31 PPG. Very close indeed, and it must be considered that many probably thought they had seen the best from Selanne (27), and perhaps they had, while Kariya(23) was seen as still having his best years ahead of him and boundless potential (especially, it must be said, with a linemate like Selanne).

Again, I'm not arguing who IS/WAS better between Kariya and Selanne. I'm providing counter-arguments to the notion that Selanne was "widely recognized" as the better of the two from day 1 (i.e. "always", as you put it, I believe).

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