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08-11-2010, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by The Skate Truck View Post
The 100 pair figure was for a weekend but even over the course of a part time week it will be more than that. I know people who do over 100 pair on a Saturday alone. My buddie did 136 pair in one day at $6 a pop. Yes it was a full day and his back was killing him.
I have another machine I am considering mounting in the truck and possibly having my son run a machine on busy days. There are over 350 kids in our local youth hockey program and over 120 in our school hockey program. No proshop in the local rink and NO ONE else in town sharpening skates. Closest sharpener is a 30 minute drive.
100 pair dosent sound so far out of the question now that the facts are laid out. There is no doubt this operation will make money under the right circumstanses. The 2 things I have going for me is, 1 what i just mentioned and 2 I got a hell of a deal on the truck and equipment. I wasnt the one who made the initial $75K investment.
It's win, win for me. If I dont make a dime and decide to part the truck out I'll make over $15k.
The other option is to convert it to a top less ice-cream truck. Theres a million dollar idea right there! lol!
Please don't bring any logic or your buddies experience into this. It makes it a lot tougher for guys on HF to hate on it then.

On a serious note though that thing looks awesome and probably a dream come true for you. Good luck and have fun with it!

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