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08-11-2010, 03:39 PM
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Couple of interesting things, first the point someone made about most coaches and going 2-10 and then .500 against the others, very good point, just shows how tough it is in this conference for anyone, for the line between first and last I really believe is rather narrow. Not that you guys needed to be reminded of this. One year at St Mary's, ( and we were having a lot of the same problems STU is now), we went 3-1 before the first set of rankings came out and put us 7th or 8th. Then we lost 19 in a row and finished at something like 4-20-2. I also like the comment about if you're not keeping up, you're falling behind, which I think also speaks to the competitiveness, hell, ultra competitive conference I like to say it is now. But what to do about the current situation? First of all Hope, until someone says "It's over", there is always hope for change. I worked for SMu during those dark dark years, and believe me, the problems and things people were saying, are very similar to what is being said now.(about STU) We also had a fierce rivalry with Dal, our much larger neighbours to the North, and we also took a shellacking from them time after time, then Acadia got into it for good measure. The rivalries I find, are disappearing everywhere, players are such buddies with the other guys now, I mean, UPEI and Moncton were infamous by their rivalry, Acadia/Dal too. Secondly, I'm serious about enlisting the help, that may take a coaching change yes, as someone questioned " Hire someone who is a "social butterfly and friend to all " ( STU Thommie) Yup, that is what I mean. I have a very good and close friend who coached in the CIS, and refused to be that, and unfortunately for him, (I still rate him as one of the best coaches ever and a great recruiter, what he did recruit worked miracles) the alumni support dropped off considerably. What did Al MacAdam and PeeWee do that was different because I am telling you there were some good players on that team. One night they came into SMU's old barn, for a Sunday night game, after they had played down in the US, including against UMaine on Saturday night! and wiped us off the map with a 5-1 win, and they were supposed to be the tired ones! Dan Preston, Hogan, Pat Powers, another huge defenceman, can't remember his name, there were a couple of them actually. I mean those were high priced guys, Dave Gilmour... If it was University support..and they have cut it, entirely plausible, then to the alumni you need to turn. It has to be a collective effort. Jim Bottomley said publicly when Dal was going through a tough spell in 1998-99 ( they only had two years! tough eh?) "We ( speaking for the Dal alumni) will help him, but he has to ask for our help...". They're out there guys, bring them in, feed them, let them tell all their stories about how great they were, and get them onboard. One of the first things TS did at Saint Mary's was reengage the alumni after they wandered off aimlessly the preceding years.
Now to be perfectly honest, no trashing of the coach, or anyone's team, nothing like that, well...when we were going through that time prior to TS taking over, we hoped like hell, and sort of intuitively expected as individuals, that at the end of the coach's current contract we knew he'd be moving on. "You can't take these things personally", no matter how great you were, i.e. NHL or whatever, so said my favorite coach ever, Jacques Demers, to the attendees at a coach conference. It was hard on him after that, but he left and a new day began. It's a tough call, and admittedly, we didn't have to make it in the end, to collectively urge him to either change or move along. I can only support you guys in whatever decision it is. And good luck fellas, Geez I remember the days I used to just get sick at the thought of going into the LBR, and getting run out of the place....

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