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08-11-2010, 03:17 PM
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Headcoach's list rocks. I don't do 90% of those things. I've gone from the bottom of beginner, "walking" on the ice to doing pretty well at the top levels of beginner at my league in a year or so. Here's the key things that differentiate winning teams from losing teams IMO (aside from ringers, but even one or two ringers can't always overcome a team that follows the three things below).

1) Defensive Positioning/Breakout - Wingers stay high! Best skaters/shooters are usually at D, and letting them keep pucks in or fire them at the net is a very very bad thing. Wingers not staying high can lead to those 12-2 games where the puck never leaves your zone.

2) Screen the Goalie - Most beginners stand to the side or behind the goalie hoping for a slam-dunk shot. Listen, if your teammate could pass the puck through the goalie, he'd just shoot it into the net instead. Get IN FRONT of the goalie, and don't leave that spot. If you aren't scoring in a beginner league, you're not doing this.

3) Pucks behind their D - You must make their D turn around to play the puck. If you're dumping it or clearing it and the D can stop the puck, it's effectively a turnover and absolutely kills you. In beginner leagues, it's hard to make 3+ tape-to-tape passes on a 3on2. Lots of your goals are going to come off the other team's mistakes, and if the puck is behind their goal a mistake by them is a lot more likely to lead to a scoring opportunity for you.

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