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Originally Posted by I am The Mush View Post
I know of a few guys that have been lifting since they wrestled in high school that weigh near what he weighs and put up near that weight. Some guys are just man-strong, can't hate on em' . I'm about 6' 215, and have never put up more than 225. I have kind of long arms for my height though. Push ups and bench have always been a weak lift for me.

I used to do a typical body builders split of chest/back one day, legs another, etc.. Then I went to the Bill Starr 5x5 which is more of a power lifters program, less pretty beach muscles, more focus on core strength and usable athleticism, along with 5k run 5 nights a week. Then I took some time off as I was running into over training injuries in my knees and wrists.

I still do the Bill Star 5x5 for my flat bench. It was a prime contributer to me getting my max to 300 from 275 over about 6 months. +/-

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