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Originally Posted by Trojan35 View Post
Wood is really tough to use and at $25, I'd just start with a cheap, $40-$60 composite until you figure out what curve/flex/kickpoint you'd like. Plus, even with a cheap composite, you'll start learning how to properly flex your stick on shots. Then, if you can afford it, there really is a big improvement by getting the $200 sticks. For a simple beginner curve, get something flat or closed (example: Iginla). I made the mistake of starting with a Sakic which helped elevate my shots, but the open face really started to annoy me when making stretch passes.

Of course, this is all ice info. hope it helps.
Wood is better for getting a feel for the puck. Composite just doesn't have the same touch, though more durable in the long term.

They also flex fine if you find the right one. I got an intermediate woodie that has a 70 flex and I love it. Much more forgiving and consistent for my slapshots than any of my 85+ flex composites.

And if a $20 woodie snaps in your hands you don't care at all, just grab your backup.

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