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08-11-2010, 07:06 PM
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Caveat: I will be looking in the clearance section for the majority to save on some money; cheap and serviceable is my MO here.

The essentials (I must buy these to play in the ice league)

Shoulder pads:

RBK 3K Sr.
CCM V04 Sr.

Both are 29.99, but both are available in Small only. Do you think I can get away with Small? Or are these trash and I should pay a bit more for better models? Or can I even go for Jr. Large?

Hockey pants:

CCI V06 Sr.

49.99, Medium should fit me just fine. How are these?

Hockey socks:

Absolutely no idea... recommendations?
Ooo Tappy, you are from Coquitlam. I think you should take a stop by The Hockey Shop in Surrey. They are having a decent sale.

I know your budget for shoulders seems to be $30. But i saw Mediums to XXL in Bauer Pro Defenders for $49.99 at THS. Regular Price is $200... so its a deal to be had. If i didn't already have a pair of shoulders, i'd pick one up. Most ppl really like them.

And they also had some lower end models for less than $50, but better than the ones you listed. I think I saw a Rbk by Jofa 5K Shoulders for $30 at THS. Looks like this:

I don't know what your preference is on used, but i saw used Tacklas 5000 on Craigslist yesterday for $25. Looked to be in a good condition and no it wasn't me selling. So personally, i wouldn't mind looking there as well.

Also, Sportchek is clearing out most gear from '09. Yes, i know they used to have poor selection, but they recently turned into Hockey Experts in most locations; i believe the Lougheed location is as well. Free Sharpening till the end on this month - they may have Flat Bottom V at Lougheed so its worth a try for free.

For my helmet, i just got a new one. The Pro Stock Mission Intake EPP from Hockeymonkey. Many people consider it one of the better ventilated helmets and its a decent weight - no the lightest, but not heavy either. And its pretty cheap since they are being cleared out.

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