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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
I said in form and healthy. Game and goals have no bearing on that opinion. It just brought the subject back up.
Purely for the enjoyment of the debate, here's who I would take over Gerrard (if we assume in-form and healthy).

- Messi
- Ronaldo
- Essien
- Villa
- Fabregas (getting tight)
- Xavi
- Sneijder (debatable)
- Robben (very debatable)
- Rooney
- Drogba
- Kaka (bad situation right now though)
- Pique (I really like him a lot)

And I've been wanting to point something out for a while (and I know les Habs will have a conniption ), but I think Xavi is starting to get pretty overrated.

Xavi and Fabregas are both players that MUST play a specific role in a specific system to succeed. Xavi especially is not going to shoulder defensive responsibility, in fact, outside of his (absolutely otherworldly) passing, positioning, and playmaking, Xavi is average as a player and NEEDS a specific system to succeed. One can say the same thing for Fabregas though he brings more scoring/dribbling and less of the astute playmaking. I also think both those guys need to be the heartbeat of their sides in a way that players like Zidane and Kaka didn't/don't which makes them extremely unique IMO.

In my opinion, to be considered the very, very best, you should be able to fit into a variety of systems and be somewhat versatile as a player (a huge strength for Gerrard).

Xavi and Fabregas' greatest strength is their greatest weakness as well. They're capable of singlehandedly directing a team, but if they can't do that, then they become near liabilities. A weakness btw that does not apply to Iniesta though I don't think he quite has the passing of the other 2.

I know I ranked Cesc top-5 a while ago, I'm biased, I admit it, but really, to be the best of the best, I think you have to be a bit more versatile.

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