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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
Firstly, I'll post wherever I want, unless someone with power prevents me from doing so. You are not that person.

Secondly, sadly, you still don't get it. Who gave him the contract? You're mad at the wrong guy, but maybe the point is that some people will never get it.

Keep booing the guy who gets the contract from the idiot instead of the idiot. Then again, no matter what fans do, it won't matter. The even bigger idiot just tried to re-employ Isaih Thomas, so it's all pretty hopeless at the top. Why should I expect the bottom to be any better?

Some great players have been scratched for various reasons through the years. Does that mean that Redden is great? Of course not, but I felt the need to guide you on the logical path you are avoiding for some reason and to help you understand that a+b does not always equal c.
enough of this ilk.

your talking to someone that completly understands that sather is the problem and yes i want sather off the team much more than i want redden and no i dont hate redden because he took the money. i hate him because he is getting the money and not earning it. who is the one performing sather or redden?

redden being scratched means he's not great? **** i didn't know that. where the **** have i been? point is, if tortarella thinks the guy's performace calls for him to be scratched for 2 games i dont think you have any right to come on here and call other fans who think he shouldn't play either ignorant. i would say just about everybody that posts here knows sather was the idiot that gave him the money but that doesn't mean somebody cant be disgusted with his performance.

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