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08-12-2010, 12:38 AM
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I know that guy couldn't have been driving in jersey, with all the budget shortfalls they are probably giving anyone with a black or white car a radar gun and a ticket pad.

My favorite is woolwich township, they have "zero tolerance for speeding" signs all over the place. I guess it must be nice to live there, since thats the only serious crime going on. Though with crazy taxes they have to pay to keep their small nation army of officers going maybe not. I often visit my parents after a long night of working fridays and I never speed through there, its just late and I'm out of state, must be up to no good. They should have a cop rotation plan where rural sleepy town cops have to switch with inner city cops to learn how not to be hardons to your average non-felony citizen. I'm sure jules could use a break from the glassboro crazies.

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