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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
Come on now. I've been to every single one you mentioned and the only one that comes even remotely close is Chicago. No one actually lives in the District outside of Georgetown other than crackheads. Dallas/Ft. Worth? Are you kidding me? The only major metropolises (that I've been to) that really compare to NYC are London and Tokyo - maybe Paris. Nothing else has the energy and the diversity and the culture and the sheer volume of people and places and things to do.

It's clear from your comments that you're not a big city person. (Which is okay, by the way!) But when you make statements like the above, with little hints like "it's not overpopulated and it's clean" and "Columbus and Nashville are the perfect size" you peg yourself pretty clearly as a suburban guy. To the extent some athletes are also suburban guys, your point of view may be applicable. It is absolutely true that not everyone loves the lifestyle - including some athletes.

But to anyone who likes to actually live in and experience cities, and not just drive in and out for events, NYC is like no other. (Especially if you're young and rich and famous.) This has been confirmed by hundreds of athletes who've made some variation on the quote "there's nothing like winning in New York." And many athletes, who in general tend to have "type A" peronalities that push them to be the best at whatever they do, seem to like the limelight and the lifestyle that only NYC can provide - I mean, can you imagine Hank or Mess (never mind Avery!), just to mention a couple of Rangers all-time favorites, living (not just playing, but living) anywhere else?

So yes, NYC does have an allure to a lot of players. Not all, but a lot.

(And that's before we even get into the comfort factor that NYC's many expat communities provide to foreign-born players.)
Dude, you need to drop the Bridge and Tunnel crusade.

LA is equal to NY in size, nightlife and culture. Boston and Chicago are awesome cities. Miami is beautiful. Dallas is starting to pick up. Phoenix is full of beautiful women year round.

I live here in the city too (live in BK, work in Manhattan). I travel to Paris and London on the regular. And while none of them compare to good ole NYC, it's not for everyone. Hell, I just spent a weekend on LI and damn was it nice not having to hear garbage trucks at 2AM and be able tosmell the ocean at night (I grew up on LI too).

You can live like a king in other cities on the same NHL salary and be just a revered by the fans (with much lower taxes and a better cost of living). Win in Boston and see how you are regarded by the fans. Look at the godlike treatment the Hawks players got after they delivered the cup to Chicago for the first time in 60 years.

The expats thing, while true is not exclusive to NY. Plenty of cities in the US have a large expat community.

Don't forget, while winning in NY may be like winning nowhere else, the same thing goes for losing. We can be BRUTAL here in NY.

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