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08-12-2010, 11:27 AM
Change is good.
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I don't know, maybe I came on too militant - apologies for that. I just came from reading the typical main board **** about New York, New Yorkers and New York attitude and I had my feathers ruffled. I thought I had made it clear that NY isn't for everyone and of course other places are better for people who don't like it. The point, however, is that New York IS unique and for those who like what makes it unique, there are precious few other places in the world that compare - even including among the cities you all have listed.

Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
While I agree that the cities mentioned don't compare to NYC (one way or another...I can see people liking some of them better than NYC but that's personal taste and directly comparing them to NYC shows that they're very different) your comment about DC is just stupid and ignorant
Sigh. You're right about the crackhead comment - it was over the top and based on a stereotype from the late 80s/early 90s. Given that I don't like similar stereotypes about NYC, I shouldn't have stooped to do the same.

That said, it doesn't change the fact that DC is a city that most people commute into in the morning and then leave at night, except for a couple of select neighborhoods. The rest of the residential communities in the actual DC limits are not very nice. Most people who say they're from DC are actually from Alexandria or Reston or Falls Church or etc., etc.

Again, however, apologies for the cheap shot about crackheads - it WAS stupid and ignorant.

Originally Posted by LamoTheKid View Post
Dude, you need to drop the Bridge and Tunnel crusade.

LA is equal to NY in size, nightlife and culture. Boston and Chicago are awesome cities. Miami is beautiful. Dallas is starting to pick up. Phoenix is full of beautiful women year round.

I live here in the city too (live in BK, work in Manhattan). I travel to Paris and London on the regular. And while none of them compare to good ole NYC, it's not for everyone. Hell, I just spent a weekend on LI and damn was it nice not having to hear garbage trucks at 2AM and be able tosmell the ocean at night (I grew up on LI too).

You can live like a king in other cities on the same NHL salary and be just a revered by the fans (with much lower taxes and a better cost of living). Win in Boston and see how you are regarded by the fans. Look at the godlike treatment the Hawks players got after they delivered the cup to Chicago for the first time in 60 years.

The expats thing, while true is not exclusive to NY. Plenty of cities in the US have a large expat community.

Don't forget, while winning in NY may be like winning nowhere else, the same thing goes for losing. We can be BRUTAL here in NY.
What on earth do you mean by bridge and tunnel crusade? Personally, I prefer living in the city itself at this stage in my life, but that's for me, and for the time being. My comments were meant to include the greater NY area.

Furthermore, I didn't say that there weren't other viable places to live; I didn't say they didn't each have their advantages (otherwise they obviously wouldn't have millions of people living there); and I most certainly didn't say that there are other places in the world that are a lot more appropriate for people who don't like what NY has to offer. What I said was they didn't compare to NY - I stand by that. They don't.

Originally Posted by dtrap View Post
Actually I've heard a lot of people rave about St. Louis. It is certainly a baseball town, that's for sure...but it is a city where people want to go play at least in baseball. There is a lot to do there as well outside of sports.

Sure it's not New York...but I don't think that's the point. People need to stop acting like coming to New York is this amazing sales pitch. It's just another city to a lot of people.
St. Louis is an insane baseball town. Perhaps #1 in the country.

I'm sorry, but New York IS different. This is the point I was getting at earlier. Places like Phoenix and Dallas and Denver compare favorably if you like what a city of that make-up has to offer. If you are drawn to what makes New York it's own special place, there is nowhere else like it in the United States and only a couple in the world.

Fair enough?

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