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Originally Posted by BraveCanadian View Post
We excuse Selanne for his poor teams in his early prime but then we try to dock Francis for it?
Selanne in playoffs in his prime (22-30 years old): 21gp 13g 7a. Atleast he scored on those poor teams.

Francis had a better playoff at 38 years old on a losing team than Selanne did in his best playoff season on a cup winner coming off a 48 goal regular season.
"Francis at 38 had..." Selanne was 37 years old in 07 so it's not like he was a young man either and he scored 15 points in 21 games(14 in 16 in 06). Francis scored 16 in 23 in 02.

I have no doubt that if Selanne had the chance to play more than 21 playoff games in his prime, He would have better playoff stats than Francis.

Yes cause Hartford was a playoff powerhouse during those days before Pittsburgh
Even if Hartford wasn't a powerhouse, the 5 times Hartford made the playoffs Francis was 11th, 3rd, 2nd, 7th and 2nd in team playoff scoring which doesn't exactly scream "awesome playoff player" either.

edit. And it's not like Francis was an inexpirienced rookie in those Hartford playoff years. He played his first playoffs in his 5th season. In 85-86 he had 1.45ppg in the regular season and posted 1g 2a in 10gp in the playoffs.

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