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Originally Posted by I am The Mush View Post
A few years back I was actually a biggish sized dude. At first cleaning up my diet wasn't easy. But when I did, I found that my body actually started craving healthier foods once that's all I gave it. In turn, potato chips start lost their reign over me and my will power. They still don't taste as good to me as they used to.
I don't really view myself as a "big" person. I've had great metabolism my whole life (which has slowed since I hit 21 or 22 admittedly), but at 6'0" 205 I don't mind my appearance. The way I look and being big and strong really is not a motivating factor for me. What concerns me is that I can tell I can't continue living this way for too long if I want to live a nice long life.

Originally Posted by I am The Mush View Post
As for working out, once you start to see results from it, it can be very satisfying. I think it might be easier to stay motivated if you took up a sport and set some goals as far as your performance. I can be a really competitive person when it comes to certain things, and if you're the same, you can use it to your advantage in that way. A motivated and intense work out buddy always helps.
I think that's my main problem, because like I said above I really don't have much I would change about me. Seeing the results wouldn't be motivating factor.

I'm very competitive as well, and I love playing sports but I'm having trouble getting into stuff regularly. I play pick up baseball and tennis but I can go months without being able to play and when I do I am really out of shape. The sports I like to play you almost need other people and that can be a challenge. If i'm not necessarily trying to be uber-fit but just healthier in general, do you think just going on bicycle rides a few days a week and playing the odd pick up games combined with some more veggy and fruit intake would do the trick?

Originally Posted by KimiFerrari View Post
I was like you for a very long time. I still hate eating my Broccoli, Asparagus, Spinach, etc... Really you will have to experiment and find which vegetable and fruits you like the most.

Common vegetables that are easy to enjoy are; Lettuce, Tomatoes, Sweet peppers, Cucumbers and Radish (trust me they have no flavour in a salad, but they add nutrients).
I can't stand salads... it's not because they are gross to me but because they just don't give me any satisfaction. Do you have a recommended way of getting "into" salads? Maybe a less healthy salad to start and then ween my way off of it? Tomatoes are a no go for me but I don't mind peppers and cucumbers so much.

Originally Posted by KimiFerrari View Post
What I've learned to do is mix things in salads and coat it in a good balsamic vinegar and some olive oil. As long as you limit the oil you'll be getting a lot of great vitamins, feeling fuller at meals and not overdoing it on the calories. (Don't buy those crappy store bought dressings)
That sort of answers my question above.

Originally Posted by KimiFerrari View Post
If you really can't stand veggies, then I suggest throwing in some fruits with your salads to contrast the flavours.

1) Arugula + Strawberries + Onions + Dark Balsamic Cream + Olive Oil
2) Romaine lettuce + Sliced Apples + Onions + Broccoli Floweretts + White Balsamic Vinegar/Apple Cider Vinegar + Olive Oil
3) Preferred lettuce + Oranges + Salmon + Onions + Preferred Vinegar + Sweet Peppers/Spinach + Olive Oil

You can add and subtract whatever you prefer, but these are some tried and tested combos.

You can only go so far with Apples and Carrots. You need to expand you fruit variety, because even eating cheesecake everyday gets boring.

I'll name a couple of uncommon fruit that are delicious and healthy.

Prickly Pears and Persimmons.
I'm not as bad on the fruits, so that might be a good suggestion.

Originally Posted by agrudez View Post

Personally for me, if I go more than 2-3 days without going to the gym I start to feel very lethargic and never want to go again, once you get in a routine you will start feeling amazing and will never want to stop. I recently started forcing my brother (very out of shape - never lifted a day in his life) to come with me, even bought him the membership, and he has dropped 30 lbs, gained a good amount of muscle, feels great and doesn't want to stop. Unfortunately, starting a routine is very difficult for most people.

As far as food goes, I suggest you start cooking your own food. You can make very healthy, good tasting options. Try to buy lean meats (Bison, Chicken, fish), healthier starches (brown rice, corn, sweet potatoes), etc.
I do cook my own food somewhat often but cooking healthy food is definitely out of my range of skills right now. I find myself cooking the same stuff a lot with the main things being chicken of some variety with a potato or so. Some weeks I might go 5 or 6 days eating chicken because I don't really know what to make

I highly suggest you go to produce junction and buy a ton of fruit, then go to ShopRite and buy fat free milk, fat free yogurt (preferably Danon Lite and Fit as it is lower in sugar) and some vanilla extract. Buy a blender if you don't have one already, too. Fruit smoothies are amazingly healthy and amazing tasting, drink one a day for an easy, quick way to boost your nutrition.
Thanks for the tip. I'll have to pick up a blender and give it a shot.

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