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Originally Posted by jepjepjoo View Post
No, I'm saying that including 01-04 makes it seems like they were close in production in 92-01. Is that so hard to understand?
If you want to be fair and objective you need to look at Selanne's entire career. You can't just exclude his bad years because he's obviously one of your favourite players.

I looked at Selanne's entire career. I've argued that Selanne had the better career overall, but it's close because Modano was a bit better pre-lockout while Selanne was clearly better post-lockout.

Originally Posted by jepjepjoo View Post
Your argument was that Modano was better 92-04 since their scoring was close. Modano was better in 01-04, but Selanne blew his production away in 92-01 and 05-10 so much that it doesn't matter how good Modano was defensively
No, you misunderstood. I've argued that, from 1993 to 2004, Modano's significant advantages in defensive play and playoff performances -- which nobody here has even debated -- more than offsets Selanne's small advantage in scoring (5 points per year).

For over a decade, Modano and Selanne were virtually even in scoring so you can't seriously tell me that Modano's clear advantages in defensive play and playoff performances don't matter.

After the lockout, it's a different story (Selanne is clearly ahead and I don't know why you keep bringing it up, because nobody here disagrees with you).

Originally Posted by jepjepjoo View Post
(which is overrated. Playing with Jere "Selke" Lehtinen helps you alot)
I don't see what this has to be with respect to my argument, specifically that Modano's defensive play is clearly superior to Selanne's. Are you disputing this?

Lehtinen is one of the greatest defensive forwards of all-time. Is it a bad thing that Modano learned from one of the best? I really don't understand your argument here.

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