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08-12-2010, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by rantfather View Post
Welcome back Island Husky,I remember those mentioned well as I was Al MacAdams recruiter back then,the big guy on D might have been Quade Lightbody another of my recruits.

Al MacAdam entrusted me and co-operated fully in the recruitment of all those players of that era and supported my efforts in landing those guys but just for the record NOT ONE of those recruits received one cent more than CIS guidelines of the time.

STU had the good fortune to have had such a fine coach and todays version does not measure up and "THEREIN LIES THE RUB"

After 8 years of a losing record I have started to agitate a return to better recruiting practices that I hope will start the Tommies back to respectability.

I concur with your observation about the AUS being the finest in the land and take in games in all conferences annually to assure myself.

Looking forward to the beginning of the AUS as like yourself my passion is the hockey.
They haven't had a losing record in all of Eagles' 8 years. Let's be fair now. However, I do believe his best before date has long expired.

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