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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I think you mean Lehtonen, not Hedberg. But then there are Rask, Pavelec, and all the recent UFA deals (which wouldn't be comparables in an arbitration case, but which *ARE* demonstrative of the current market value of middle-class goaltenders in general).

You can go at it a variety of ways. Which is presumably is precisely why we don't have Price signed at the present moment. It's subjective, there is nothing to say that he's absolutely worth $x or $y. I say $1.5M is my top offer to him. I expect the Habs to come in with a higher number than that. If $2.5M is your number, nobody can gainsay you on your choice at this point. The market is wide open these days, it seems.
Considering Rask was given the extension in November 2009 where he hadn't proven his excellent yet and Pavelec was given the contract after 1 year of true NHL duty where he split(he had 42 games played and an average save %) I think they will be below market value for them next year. Rask will be underpayed and Pavelec hasn't shone like rask but may do so next year. Price? He has 3 years of NHL experience, unlike them. Lehtonen makes a nice 3.5 mil, so does Halak(3.75 actually). I think Price should be somewhere in the middle. The 2.5 range would be ideal(5 mil over 2 years or 8 mil over 3 would be perfect). I can live with 2.5-3 mil, anything more is obviously too much IMO.

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