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Originally Posted by Hockey Outsider View Post
If you want to be fair and objective you need to look at Selanne's entire career. You can't just exclude his bad years because he's obviously one of your favourite players.
They weren't bad years; they were injury years. I've brought this up with TDMM before: Teemu Selanne is one of the few players that HOH looks upon negatively because he happened to play with a degenerative injury. Every argument against Selanne stems from 2000-2004, because those years absolutely tank his career averages and give him a horrific playoff reputation because they make up a much bigger percentage of his career playoff games than the playoff games in his prime.

If it were as simple as saying "Oh, he only averaged 5 points more than Modano prior to the lockout," then yes, we'd all agree that Modano's defensive abilities make up for it. But the fact that from 1992-93 to 1999-2000, it looked like this:

Selanne - 346 Goals (1st), 729 Points (2nd); .61 GPG (3rd), 1.29 PPG (4th)
Modano - 259 Goals (16th), 600 Points (14th); .47 GPG (17th), 1.09 PPG (17th)

And in 2000-01 to 2003-04, it looked like this:

Selanne - 106 Goals (31st), 222 Points (53rd); .34 GPG (44th), .70 PPG (79th)
Modano - 109 Goals (27th), 290 Points (13th); .35 GPG (40th), .92 PPG (23rd)

Means that those "5 points per year" that you've mentioned used to be 16 points per year, until Selanne broke during the last four seasons of your analysis. I know it's easier to use the lockout as a cutoff, but if you don't acknowledge how much better Selanne was offensively pre-lockout and pre-injury (one that was so bad that the league gave him a Masterton for becoming a top ten player once again), then you're really being naive.

I mean...

Originally Posted by Hockey Outsider
For over a decade, Modano and Selanne were virtually even in scoring
Do you really want to go there?

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