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08-12-2010, 11:23 PM
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Originally Posted by RW8 View Post
How about when your on a budget? I just got back into hockey after a few years this summer and broke my old Sherwood which I originally got for less than $100 Canadian.

Without knowing too much about sticks I went to pick up a new one since I was set to play later that night. Ended up going with a Vapor X40 which was $100. After the first few games it seems to be good, an improvement over my last stick.

There were also a few sticks there which they said were given to pros to test, then sent out to stores so they were cheaper, iirc the best I found was an S17(maybe S16?) for 140$ but I didnt want to risk getting one of those.

Anyway does anyone have any insight on bang for the buck sticks in case my X40 ends up breaking?
I recently started using an X;40 too and it is an excellent stick. I do not know how people can spend $150 or more on a stick, maybe i am just not playing long enough but $90 is plenty for me.

I'd say as an alternative, try a CCM U+ 05, it is similar to the U+ LE I found for $60 and since these were discontinued, I looked at the 05 and it seems to be quite similar, also around $100 or so, same as the X:40.

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