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08-12-2010, 11:59 PM
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didnt read any of this thread, but here goes anyway

i have worked with many different personal trainers (several that are currently employed by nhl clubs), and the best workout programs i have ever been on have all been without the use of weights....however most of the strength building exercises they do are hard to explain, and you need at least one other person to do them. so thats out haha

if you are trying to add pure muscle mass, then yes you need to lift weights, but if you are trying to get into good shape, than sprints are the answer imo

my "unprofessional" recommendation:

start with 100yd (or 30 sec. on bike) sprints - do 8 with 90 seconds rest in between.....when that gets easy (which will be a while lol), cut it to 60 seconds rest, then 45,30 etc... then switch either to 12 reps, or lengthen them to 150yd or 45 second reps

running really is the bet way to stay in shape, and for everyone that hates it, give it 2 honest weeks, and you will start to enjoy doing it i promise....if bad knees or whatever prevent running, than a bike is next best option

oh yeah, and stop eating like a pig

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