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08-13-2010, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by sg12lw View Post
our current blacks are my least favorite flyer jersey ever, so i am very happy to hear that we wont be wearing them very often from here on out

our current white (non wc) is one of the best looking jerseys in the league imo, so its sad to see that one go, but i am a fan of the wc, so its hard to complain

i still cant believe that our first batch of newly designed rbk jerseys didnt include an orange....and i really still cant believe we ever got rid of our orange in 2000 (i think?).... i wish i was sitting in on the meeting where we decided that we should ditch our main color...pretty brutal

however, our new orange is incredible, so maybe it was worth waiting

my fav jerseys ever:

1. 90's orange
2. current orange
3. 90's white
4. current white
5.70's white

the WC has a chance to crack the top 5, but i have to have to see it a few more times

...and i think we should just stay away from black for a little while, as far as new jerseys go
And bring it back when it's "retro" so Ed Snider can make bank.

Actually, when it's retro, someone else will be Mr. Snider and making bank.

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