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08-13-2010, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Thepandamancan View Post
Thanks for the input. To clarify, none of the hits have been malicious or was intended to hurt anyone. Some of it is caused by me not being able to stop properly or just losing my balance and falling down on my shoulder or something. The guys in my league are super nice. Sure some games get heated, but guys always say sorry or ask if you're ok.

I wear a girdle with some hard caps on the hips and tailbone and have never gotten hurt there when falling. However, through even the most common jostling around the crease, etc...having my chest and shoulders around elbow height for most players is not a good place to be so that's why I was hoping some better form of chest protection might help.
I think this is why there is more incidental stuff in roller than ice. Most guys can't really stop on a dime (myself included). In fact, there's only a handful of guys in my roller league that can do a "hockey stop" (I think it's called power slide in roller...idk lol). I've had quite a few times where I skate hard to a puck and collide with someone because I can't stop like I can on ice. Mostly end up bumping guys into the boards, I'm okay enough at skating that on the open court I can turn away and avoid contact.

Your league sounds like mine with contact. It's "non-contact" but unless you go to lay a guy out intentionally or make a motion like it was intentional (aka push out with your arms while hitting him), they let most of it go. Only been called once for hitting and I did hit the dude intentionally, not hard just knocked him off his skates. Went into the corner to battle for the puck and this dude trapped my stick between him and the boards and snapped it in half. It was a Vapor XXXX (and my first high end stick ever), so I chucked it in frustration and skated out in front of the net to play D. Guy dangles in the slot and tries to go around me, and with no stick to defend his deke, I just shoved him to the ground. Just was frustrated that my favorite and greatest stick had snapped. Helped the guy back up, said sorry and we were cool. Woulda been clean in a hitting league, but it isn't so I took my 2 minutes and a guy on the other team let me use his extra 7K (and found out I wasn't a Reebok stick fan) for the rest of the game.

As for getting elbows and such... stuff like that will happen while fighting for position in front of the net, but if it starts to get excessive bring it to the other guy's attention, he might not have realized he had his elbow in you. If he keeps it up (or intentionally does it more to be a dick), then ask the ref to watch for it. I personally clear the net using my hands and pushing the guy out of the way or if he's a tough guy to move I get low and push with my shoulder on his middle back. I try and avoid elbows as much as I can because I myself have taken some nasty ones and I know it's not fun to get a fast moving elbow to the chest, throat, or face. I play physical, but I'm a nice, easygoing guy so I try and push guys around as kindly as I can

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