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Originally Posted by robruckus View Post
Exactly. As usual, Edge is spot on. Someone who clearly sees things as they are, and not in whatever way they want to skew it.

But Wolf, you're being hypocritical here. You're being exactly like Torts. You're complaining about how Avery wasn't effective last year and needs to play his game, then you're admitting that he's getting jobbed by the officials and saying he needs to stop doing things that are going to get him hosed by them.

So which is it? Should he play his game and hope the officials don't screw him? Or should he go out of his way to not hurt the team, and in the process hurt the team, and then hear about it from his coach and people like yourself for not playing up to his capabilities?

The guy is in a no win situation.

Agree with everything Boom Boom. Except, I do think that you can use that as a knock on Tortorella and a praise for Renney. IMO a coaches job is to get the most out of all of his players. Renney was always able to do that here. Torts strikes me as the kind of guy who is not about getting the most out of players he doesn't like. He simply shuns them until they are replaced by someone he favors more. That to me, is a definite reason to knock him.

Another spot on post here. There really is zero difference between Avery and the players you mentioned above. The only difference is Avery runs his mouth in the media and has this hollywood persona. Those are the types of things that are going to irritate people more. Not to mention that aside from Ott, Avery is a better hockey player than all of the aforementioned.

And your point at the end I think is extremely important. People sit there and justify Ovechkin's actions as a love of the game, or someone who will do anything to win. But the bottom line is a lot of the time Ovechkin's actions are dangerous, disrespectful, and just uncalled for.

I was shocked when he was suspended last year. I thought the league would continue to let their pretty boy do whatever he wanted (and I'd assume if they didn't have Sidney they probably would). However you'll never hear Gary Bettman come out and say that he's insulted by Ovie's recklessness on the ice because it sends a bad message to his daughter.

And yeah, when's the last time Avery punched a cab driver over a quarter?

He gets a raw deal cause he runs his mouth and people don't like it. Add that to the diving and officials around the league have it out for him.

And we end with the off base post. Read the ones I quoted above to get a real clue on the situation. They all explained it better than I could so there's no need to reiterate.
I don't mind being lamblasted about my thoughts, I have thick skin. But what I said and it is in black and white, is that the league is all about promoting skill sets- and the key words are skill sets not promoting attitudes. If attitudes is the basis of whether we promote players or not than diving by Crosby or cheap shots by OV are out of the picture and we are left with promoting Lady Bing canditates. SHEESH weak argument as far as I can see.
Next argument on one hand you state that Avery has the skill sets that sets him apart from the other clowns that are instigators-and that was basically what I said, I would rather he play his skill set first because that was what made him effective, playing the game first and mixing in the clown stuff. If you start with the clown stuff 1st and foremost you basically become ineffective and prone to officials calling penalties with no benefit of doubt, which is where Avery is now. Its a simple thing - play hockey, thats your profession.

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