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08-13-2010, 10:11 AM
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robruckus said:"I'm pretty sure the league is all about promoting Crosby and Ovechkin. There's plenty of other players in this league that have world class skill sets and the league doesn't do dick to market them. When's the last time you saw Marian Gaborik somewhere? And he plays in the biggest market on earth.

Avery has a solid set of hockey skills but I think it's hard to differentiate between the antics and his play. They go hand in hand as far as I can tell. During his tenure here he's always been at his best when the antics are at the apex. It's hard to ask for one without the other. Or ask for one before the other. "

I agree that the league does a lousy job of promoting players, but on the same token why promote players league wide when the teams can't hold the candle. Its tough to promote Gaborik when the NYR's fail to make the PO's? What good is promoting Thornton when he can't shine in the PO's. Promoting is all about winning as well, its a tough sell promoting a losing team with a star.
I have no problem with your assertion that Avery needs both aspects of his game for the player to be effective and I agree. Its just that from what you say you are 50/50 in what to bring to the table in regards to skill set and attitude. I am more in line with the 65/35, with the skill set being the major overriding factor.

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