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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
The year Renney was let go he didn't have a better roster. He had lost 4 of his top scorers (Jagr, Shanny, Avery, Straka).

This years roster was better than the one Renney had.

Originally Posted by DekeR View Post
robruckos said:"Quote:
Originally Posted by DekeR
Last time I checked, this was and still is a team sport. If you cannot throw on the ice a complete team that has a balance of 1st and 2nd and 3rd liners - with a decent goaltender you are not going to field a successful team. I can't see 14 new faces in a lineup from beginning to end of year roster promoting either chemistry, learning systems and coaching styles, as well as any transition periods of adjustment that the player must make mentally. To me a team that is full of 3rd liners and a goalie and scorer is still going to have a rough time competing.

Again, LOL. Check out Renney's teams and get back to me. When he reaches Renney's level of success here maybe, MAYBE you can think about making that comment.

Thats funny : especially when you consider that Renney had two HOF in the lineup with Jagr and Shannahan, couple that with Nylander and Straka and that creates a decent offensive team. I guess you figure that players like EC and Prospal and two players in their 3rd year of existence in Dubi and Callahan are comparable in skill set and experience to compare both teams. I guess that is where I have a problem with your knowledge and how you compare teams, their skill sets, and those expectations with you try to compare coaching abilities. I remember Renney being able to take a skilled team and make it to a 2nd round once. I remember Renney also taking a team and having its players quit on him. I have no problem with Renney and I have no problem with the mess that Torts had to deal with in establishing a team with 14 new faces last year, two rookies and no backup goaltending, couple that with R&R. And you are trying to sell that team as a PO team?

Read my above post where I talked about the different years. I acknowledged the stuff you mentioned.

Dubi/Cally/Prospal/Higgins are all guys who produced (Higgins in his years in Montreal and what so many expected when he came here) are arguably much more formidable than most of the supporting cast in Renney's tenure.

Were Renney's teams top-heavy? Absolutely.

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