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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
torts has done nothing since hes been here. instead of leading this team and getting them to the next level, he constantly plays the blame game and creates tension.

he thrives on chaos. his pressers are mostly uncomfortable and hostile. he coaches via coercion and intimidation. hes a classic hypocrite who is incapable of looking at himself when things go bad. the benching of avery and subsequent water bottle episode was a blackeye that he will never live down. hes an average in game tactician who tends to overplay his top guys to the point where they become less effective. so far, his teams are easily defended and shut down.

overall, i give him a 3 outa 10. and thats being liberal.

He's a human if thats what you're talking about. He has flaws and makes mistakes. I like having a coach who is passionate enough about his team to go on a water bottle throwing freakout at obnoxious fans to defend his frustrated players. I was frustrated at that point in the series and I'm just a fan, I can't imagine being on the bench and listening to some caps fans say derogatory and outright offensive things to myself or my players or my teammates. I'm glad he freaked out. I would have freaked out too and I thought it was awesome and highly entertaining at the time. I thought hockey was about passion and entertainment among other things. I don't know when everyone here started being to morality police about anybody's actions during a game. It's' cool when Orr practically kills someone on the ice but its despicable when a coach freaks out on offensive fans? He missed the next game, yes. We lost the series, yes. Were we going to beat the caps? Never. Hank bailed the whole team out infinite times that series and it just wasn't going to happen anymore. We were the worse team and we lost. Get over it, that was 2 seasons ago.

Let me assume you're first retort would be that benched Avery for losing his cool and then lost his cool. On that note, yeah he did. He ****** up. I **** up too, a lot sometimes. So do you. So does everyone. I know that when I do something dumb I hope that those around me who are affected by it have enough strength in their personality to see it for what it is (often something hilarious or ironic to those who observe) and then forgive, see their own tendencies to do the same and move on. Avery doesn't seem to be too hung up on it, I don't know why you are.

More generally, Torts is not a bad coach. This lineup is full of holes, last year they had no backup goalie that was ready to play in this league, no first line center and if MDZ didn't jump right in and kill it they would have been seriously lacking a PP QB also. Given all that they lost to the Flyers who then went on a miraculous winning streak. I'm okay with that. I'd rather they won the cup, but that wasn't a reasonable outcome to expect. Torts got about as much out of his guys as was reasonable last year. The young guys are all still here, they're all better than they were the year before and not one of them has said a negative thing about Torts, despite the multitude of posters who want to try and speak for them asserting the opposite.

He's brought the youth movement along nicely. He's set up a system where you can be expected to be rewarded or punished as a player based on your effort, heart and hustle. He's made the most of a waiver player that nobody had given a real chance by showing faith in his abilities and giving him big minutes. He gave Prust extra minutes when his old coach wouldn't because Prust deserved them. He sat Sather's shiny new toy Kotalik when he was stinking it up. He sat Avery when he wasn't being effective. He sat Redden when he was having his worst game and he didn't waffle when Redden took offense to it. He's done a lot of good here if anybody would care to take off their hater blinders and actually pay attention to whats happening on the team instead of becoming obsessed with the baseless narratives of their choice.

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