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08-13-2010, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by tantrum4 View Post
I understand all that but it's not like anyone is clicking on HIS website to read this stuff, he just goes on to LGK and posts it there, where people will read it regardless. And I could understand if he actually named players, but to say "there may be a trade coming up" with no other info is completely pointless.
True, but if he really does have "sources" in the organization, they will stop talking to him if he names names. Just like with the Greene story, he told everyone that there was bad news coming and he couldn't announce it yet. Once he named Greene as the injured party, it was confirmed by the team.

I'm sure CBGB loves being able to put out vague stories and watch everyone scramble to guess what he is talking about. It also drives people to the website and puts money in his pocket. Isn't that the point of free enterprise? If people didn't love this kind of ****, hockeybuzz wouldn't be the cash cow that it is and "reality" TV would have ended a long time ago.

Of course we could just be getting these very insight full tweets from the "insiders":

EJHradek_ESPN TOR GM Brian Burke doesn't sound all that excited about the trade offers that he has received for Kaberle.
14 minutes ago via web
I would never have guessed that one...

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