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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
The true test is how a coach does with players who aren't damn near perfect.

Anyone can coach guys like Alfredsson, Hossa and Chara. And guys like that, who are consumate pros, try and soak in anything you give them to get better. It's certainly no proof that Martin is a good coach at developing young players.

Same thing with Subban. The kid oozes poise, character and skill. It'd take a blind and moronic man not to see it and somehow prevent the kid from being good.

The true test is when Martin had to coach guys with certain flaws. Whether it was skating, character or work ethic. Some of these young men aren't perfect. But it doesn't mean they're worthless either.

For example, let's take a look at Latendresse. The guy scored 27 goals last season. If anyone says "He wouldn't have done it here", I'll tell you it's only because Martin never thought he could and acted like it. I don't want to get into an argument about Latendresse because that horse has been beaten to death, brought back to life, killed again and then some. If you disagree that a guy that scored 27 goals in the NHL last season wasn't even deserving of a chance on the top lines for more than 2 games after he was told he was going to be traded then I don't know what to tell you.

Now the next guy he mishandled was O'byrne. He got benched for the playoffs which shouldn't have happened and when he got back he wasn't playing as well. It just sent the wrong message. Especially since we had to play MAB in his place. I can understand once Markov went down, he wanted someone on the PP but at the start of the playoffs there were no justification for benching O'byrne who had played pretty well leading to the playoffs. Not to mention he would have helped against the big Washington forwards, especially considering how they ran our goalie in game 2.

Then there's SK. You can say he has a terrible attitude and I agree. But I think considering the fact we were looking everywhere for anyone that could play on the top two lines... we should have given him a shot at the start despite his terrible attitude. If it doesn't fix itself then you trade him. This accomplishes 2 things. First you get to see what he's really made of. Second, you don't destroy his value in a trade. Heck, if it didn't fix the problem with his attitude then we could have gotten rid of him earlier which would have helped team morale instead of having him sulk around during the whole season + playoffs. But once he was sent down to the AHL it only made things worse. Boucher inherited a problem guy, the medias went into a frenzy and the message was sent loud and clear that SK was a problem for any and all teams that could have been interested.


Another failure of Martin considering a young player was Pacioretty. Not because Pacioretty didn't play well, but because Martin threw him in situations he was nowhere near ready for. We have a decent young player who suffered a pretty big set back in his development because of him when we had at least 2 guys who should have been there before him.

Anyway, anyone can coach top talent. It takes a special idiot to ruin guys like Alfredsson, Hossa, Chara, Subban, etc. That's not proof that Martin handles young talent well. I'll judge him on how he handles guys that don't fit his mold perfectly. So far, I'd say it's not good at all.
Yeah, Martin 'failed' all the way to the ECF...

But I digress. I think this year is a very different year for the Habs and Pacioretty. Last year he made the team because the Habs needed someone to fill a spot in the top 6 and they though Pacioretty could do that with some time. There were not that many candidates and Martin gave Pacioretty a shot. I would argue that he did okay for a rookie, as there were definitely some games where you could see some of his potential, like the centennial vs. the Bruins (

This year is different. The roster has fewer openings AND there are more prospects ready to vie for spots (Eller, Maxwell, White, Desharnais, Palushaj, etc.). Pacioretty will not make the team this year unless he really beats out the other guys. To that end, I hope he makes the team, because it would suggest he is ready for it this year. On the other hand, if he is not ready, I don't think staying in the AHL for 1/2 or a full season would hurt.

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