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Originally Posted by Hockey Outsider View Post
We're going in circles here.

Based on what they actually accomplished on the ice, Selanne and Modano were very close offensively before the lockout. (And, for the third time, nobody here is disputing that Selanne has been clearly better post-lockout). It's too bad that Selanne was injured, but that's part of the game.

This isn't some type of anti-Selanne bias. (He's actually quite a likeable player IMO). You can read through my post history - you'll see that I don't give players credit for what they failed to accomplish due to injuries. You can disagree with me in principle, but I'm consistent with my position (see my discussions about Lemieux, Orr, Bossy, Neely, etc).

I fully agree that Selanne has more talent or natural ability than Modano. If you could promise me an injury-free Selanne, I would take him over an injury-free Modano.

Their scoring "really was" close. It's too bad that Selanne got injured, but you don't win hockey games by extrapolating injured players' statistics. Only what happens on the ice counts on the scoreboard. The value that Modano contributed was close to Selanne's value (Modano's contributions were steadier and more consistent year by year; Selanne had a higher peak and lower lows).

I really don't think we disagree on very much here. We both think Selanne is the better player overall, and we both think Selanne has more talent and a higher offensive peak. The only thing you seem to disagree about is that Modano was better pre-lockout, and I think that comes from our differences in philosophies (I don't give credit to players who are injured, while you seem to).
Oh, wow. You still manage to miss the point. I'm done.

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