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Originally Posted by KingWantsCup View Post
Things change everyday. Players will perform well and fall short through out the season. And Torts will let them know that. He certainly knows who to respect no matter what though, that being Hank of course.
I know you can't stand this but when you've come out and said that you've only been watching the Rangers for two years, it's an honest question when I ask you if that's how long you've been watching hockey or any professional sport for?

Sometimes the comments you make are so naive and childish. It's as if you have this delusional liberal view of this fictitious utopia that you think exists and haven't actually experienced that it's not true.

EDIT: I meant to quote this from you, not the above..

"Another thing that we all should be able to appreciate with Torts... The guys is just flat out honest. You don't have to ponder about what he's really thinking, that's for sure. When a coach is that clear it makes it easier for his players to understand what he wants."

Originally Posted by DekeR View Post
Its funny that Henrik was considered spent after this full season under Torts, but when he played the same number of games under Renney-nothing is said.LMAO.
Bob Santos- you are right when you said "Once again, this proves the haters are gonna hate."
Not when you consider the reason he made that comment was in reference to the Rangers stretch at the end of the season...where they beat some of the worst teams in hockey. Stellar.

Originally Posted by BobSantos View Post
Yes, his career performance. Are you familiar with it? Ok, let's not treat you like an idiot. You ARE familiar with it but you don't like the guy, right? Well, you can certainly feel free. But he's coach, so I'm laughing all the way to next season, on that one.

His system is high pressure offense, when he has the players for it. You're right that he went defensive after a hiatus that many of us around here felt was too long. Thankfully, the youths are more experienced, we have some new talent in the top six, etc. We may have a nice surprise this year.

I mean, you could count at least three different styles of D last season as he tried to work it out. I like that he's tinkering and trying to find the best solutions. Better than repeatedly banging square pegs/round holes etc.

Why on earth should I care what he's done anywhere but here?

I don't have any issue with the guy other than the fact that he took my favorite team backwards last season. That's about the extent of why I don't like him.

The funny thing is you'll try and call me and others out for not liking him, but you've done nothing in this entire thread to make a legitimate case for how he's performed well since he's been here. You're basically just hanging on the fact that you like him. Funny how that works.

As far as your last paragraph, you're basically admitting that he couldn't come up with a viable way to get this team into the playoffs.

Yeah, square pegs, round holes. Right, right.

How bout' winning some ****ing hockey games? Getting to the playoffs in a league where more than half the teams do? Accepting responsibility for your teams performance? Getting the most out of your players?

Yeah, how bout that.

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