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08-13-2010, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by robruckus View Post
I know you can't stand this but when you've come out and said that you've only been watching the Rangers for two years, it's an honest question when I ask you if that's how long you've been watching hockey or any professional sport for?

Sometimes the comments you make are so naive and childish. It's as if you have this delusional liberal view of this fictitious utopia that you think exists and haven't actually experienced that it's not true.

EDIT: I meant to quote this from you, not the above..

"Another thing that we all should be able to appreciate with Torts... The guys is just flat out honest. You don't have to ponder about what he's really thinking, that's for sure. When a coach is that clear it makes it easier for his players to understand what he wants."
I've been a Rangers fan since March 9th 2008, so yes I have about two years of experience as a fan of hockey. I've also watched professional sports all my life. Previously you were seemingly trying to belittle my views of the team because of that, which I didn't appreciate. I don't believe anyone's knowledge of a sport directly correlates with how long they've watched the sport. Whether you intended to or not, I felt disrespected before, which is why I called you a jerk. I apologize if you really didn't mean any harm.

I think we simply have very basic philosophical views on a team we both love. I think this team has a very bright future and feel it's completely realistic that we can win the cup within the next three to five years. You may not agree, which is fine. I don't know what you expect from the Rangers, but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and see where exactly we conflict for the sake of argument.

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